In God I do not trust!

Because it’s a personal blog, I guess I can write anything offensive (to someone’s hair style, or weight, skin color, religion, political orientation, marital status, you name it), and experience no consequences whatsoever. At least not legal ones. People’s feelings can get hurt, true; and some fundamentalists may want to rip my head off, but otherwise I’ll be untouchable. I mean, we don’t live in Iran. And we don’t live in the fucking puritan United States either! (I first considered censoring ‘fucking’ by substituting C with an asterisk as it’s the custom, or a manifestation of bon ton, if you like, but then I thought, oh fuck it, since it’s going to be an offensive entry, let’s walk the whole way!)
Now…I am starting to be as excited as a newly wedded gal anticipating the first lawful penetration on the side of her lover. And the excitement comes from the very thought that I am allowing myself the total freedom to say anything that comes to mind. No censorship. No mercy. Just the pure energy of the pure mind, untroubled by the burden of social stereotypes.

Here I go.

I think most people nowadays pathetic – they simulate happiness and adaptiveness to modern world the way women fake orgasm. And they are frustratingly narrow-minded, which is understandable to some degree, as it is the habit of mediocre mind to condemn everything that is beyond their grasp. And many of the most incompetent of them are pushers.

I hate pushers. They are among the worst of human types.

I also find fat people abominable. They shouldn’t be treated equally with people with normal weight.
The same should be applied also to stupid people. Although I realize that being stupid is much harder to define, given the fact that no scale exists – you can estimate your perfect weight according to your age, height, etc., but what do you do with stupidity testing? Do online tests are any good, and if yes, must they be made obligatory for all citizens above the age of 16, let’s say? Should it be established a national agency for measuring levels of stupidity among population?

It should be legal to slap a waitress when snapping at you.

Jews should stop making people apologize for feeling guilty about what the Egyptian pharaoh and Hitler did to them in the past, and everybody should be able to freely tell jokes about the stinginess of their kind on national TV without the fear of legal persecution.

Body-builders are disgusting. They all have to die if they don’t stop stuffing their ugly, deformed bodies with anabolic steroids and shit.

Black people who dye their hair blond are also ugly.

Pregnant girls are shameful. If they really think their babies have been conceived in an act of love and not as a misfortunate outcome of some pimpled teenager’s premature ejaculation, then they should also die. Before giving birth.

Women dressed in burkas living in civilized European cities need to take their heads out of their asses, stop sticking their absurd religious principles in people’s faces and start wearing normal clothes.
In this train of thought, God should also drop dead. For I am so sick of Him.

And…I’m done for now.

Do I feel more liberated now? More in peace with myself?

I guess not. I just feel even more enraged than ever.

Oh! And one more thing – I am a conceited, fucked-up kid, who thinks he is too pretty to be refused whatsoever in life. So, I guess I  should  be forced to spend the rest of my life in some kind of secluded mental facility with a dildo stuck up my asshole.  For who doesn’t hate beautiful and smart people like me and doesn’t want to see them locked up for life!…


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