How to live a full value life according to W.W. (feat. Prof. Stephen Hawking)

Professor Stephen Hawking is a British theoretical physicist, who, till 2009, was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge – a position once held by Isaak Newton himself! He was born on 8 January, 1942 in Oxford, England. He deals mostly with cosmology and quantum mechanics. Despite his grave medical condition (he suffers from a slow-progressing form of ALS), hawking never stopped working, thus demonstrating that a physical handicap cannot hinder one from being less capable of showing creativity.


They say life can continue up to 105-110 years (especially if one lives in some reclusive village up in the mountains, consumes fresh sheep’s lard and brandy for breakfast, and doesn’t own a TV!). And yet, even at the age of 105, you may still think you are too young to die. You hardly had any time to turn around and The One-With-The-Scythe has already come to collect your soul. Maybe that is the reason why people are in such a hurry to acquire things during lifetime – LCD sound systems, bank savings, three-store villas, lovers in panther print underwear – without, however, having truly rationalized the fact that none of these  they would be able to take along in the grave. I, personally, was taught this lesson when I was eight. Not that my parents would make me sit down and give me a lecture on how things work in life. Their lifestyle was pretty exemplary by itself – they never had more money than they could spend in the blink of an eye. My dad was a typical boheme – had the lifestyle of an adventurous, life-loving vagabond till the day he died.  And that was on Christmas Eve. He did not leave a penny in his savings account. It was hell of a trouble to transport his corpse in a ferocious winter weather, in a regular car, from the town he had the stroke to where he was to be buried, and that is 400 miles away.

My mom was beautiful. And a dancer. Her view of life totally rejected the thought of hoarding stuff; she would often say that the money one’s earned should be spent in the very moment on trifle things one enjoys the most – sweets, travels, books, petunias… I sometimes see her in my dreams eating a gelato on the balcony of a modest restaurant at 1500 m above the see level somewhere in, let’s say, Peru.

This blog entry is dedicated to the things we should not be paying attention to if we don’t want to shorten our life even more than it has already been by various unfortunate circumstances. Wasting one’s life is actually wasting of energy and mass. If you are not inclined to believe me, because I am just an airheaded blonde, who spends ten months in a year doing nothing sensible, then ask Stephen Hawking. I mean, who wouldn’t believe him – with his severe handicap and beautiful mind!  He once said with his computer-generated voice: “At the age of 21, I already had no expectations of life. Everything that happened to me at a later stage, came as a bonus.”

This is how one should be understanding life – as a bonus track in a favorite album. Skip the songs you don’t like and listen only to that bonus track. Whenever you feel blue. Or disappointed. Or happy. When you are in love. When you are out of love. Or when you had enough of this shit. Because life is too short indeed to be wasting time on:

hating yourself.

Instead, try hating other people and you’ll see how refreshing this change is going to feel.

pretending to be genuinely laughing at jokes which are not funny at all.

At least once in your life tell the guy with whom you share an office that you want to eat your lunch in peace, without listening to his insipid jokes, which usually start with “A dude goes to the doctor…”

trying hard not to sing along with your favorite song, because you suck.

Why feeling embarrassed anyway? What stops you? I mean, those who love you will love you no matter what – whether you’ve run over a five-year old kid on the street, or having absolutely no talent for singing. And those who hate you will probably only hate the very song when hear your false performance. Why do you care? Anyway, the kid survived, and your mom thinks you are a natural.

waiting for a couple of hours before texting someone back just because you’ll look cool that way.

Only, if you stick to this tactics with regard to the boy you have a crush on, you risk to find yourself in a situation twenty years from now, assuring your seven cats that they are the only love of your life.

putting up with bad coffee.

Maybe you don’t fully realize it but every single day of our lives we perform activities that are absolutely necessary if we intend to stay in life and good health. Like crossing the street only when the green light is on. Or making sure the gas is turned off before leaving the apartment. Or having a cup of really good coffee to boost the performance of your lazy peristalsis. So, you simply cannot afford to drink lousy coffee in the morning. Otherwise you’ll spend the rest of the day in intestinal anguish.

paying attention to mean people.

I had a friend who would go around wearing a t-shirt with an inscription saying Mean people suck. But then, one day (or was it a night?) she sucked this very sad guy off, and that miraculously turned him into an incredibly cheerful person. What I am saying is that maybe there is no such thing as mean people; there are only people who have never been given a proper head.

being ashamed of one’s body.

Well, fine then! While you are sitting home alone, feeling pity for yourself that you don’t have a tight butt or your facial skin resembles a pizza topping, someone else is going on a date with your boyfriend and is drinking your cocktail, and is doing all the things you once enjoyed doing so much yourself. That is before you first noticed you had saddlebacks.

letting other people take charge of your life.

Do you REALLY feel joy and happiness every time when some moronic female magazine for 3, 99 tells you how to dress in April, and on what shoes you absolutely HAVE to spend one-third of your monthly salary, or how to plan your wedding with the person you are going to meet in 2021? If you answer with “No” to that question, then next time, when your boss, or your ambitious pampering parents, or your violent boyfriend commands you to “sit down and give a paw”, you give them a middle finger.

And back to Stephen Hawking. In 1989, he gives an interview for the German magazine Der Spiegel, in which he says: “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Well, I don’t know what exactly makes us special – whether it is our potential ability to perceive things which exist beyond the boundaries of our horizon of perceptions, or it is simply the ability to stuff three croissants at a time in one’s mouth. But no matter what it is, it always matters. Do not forget this next time when you burst into desperate tears.


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