Top 5 of the lamest horror movies

  1. Final Destination 2 (2003)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are a lot of elaborate killings taking place and especially the one with the leftover spaghetti, but let’s face the truth – the only genuine horror-bearing moment of the movie is the pile-up premonition scene at the beginning. After that, you’d always get nervous when driving behind a van transporting logs. Or basically transporting anything that could come crashing down and through the windscreen to kill you on the spot.


  1. Final Destination 3 (2006)

This time, the movie makers have quit exerting themselves to come up with plausible explanations of what is going on (as they did in the predecessors) – life is random after all, and death is a great enigma, so why bother anyway to answer existential questions in a B-movie?


  1. Saw V (2008)

It took one movie to disprove everything that was once interesting about the Saw series. There is a lot of searching going on, that’s for sure –  Agent Strahm  is hunted because  he “keeps searching for something”, and Julie Benz is, no doubt, searching for a new coiffeur, as she looks absolutely ridiculous in that wig.


  1. The Butcher (2009)

To be honest, I have the movie placed in the list mostly because I am vegan and I am sick of the recurring theme of young college students becoming fresh meat for some psychopath killer.


  1. Wrong Turn (2003)

I am aware of the fact that horror movies are not supposed to be exactly Oscar-winning-material, as they are, as a rule, primordial-fears evoking and mainstream-audience oriented, but this one happens to be the epitome of 99 percent of the clichés characteristic for the genre. I mean, what comes more natural and logical than a bunch of astray teens in the night of Halloween being callously killed by incestuous family of cannibals?


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